Radiant Orchid: The Color of 2014


Pantone has been the authority on colors in consumer trends for years and they have announced the color of 2014–it’s radiant orchid!Pantone Radiant Orchid

What is radiant orchid you may ask? According to Pantone, the color is a captivating, magical and enigmatic shade of purple. As consumers we will be seeing this color everywhere in 2014. Last year’s color was Emerald and we’ve seen it appear heavily in fashion, home electronics and appliances. So, from lipsticks to leather upholstery, get ready for Orchid!Living Room Radiant Orchid

Pantone makes its annual pick by surveying fashion executives as well as trends in travel, music, movies and even technology to deduce the coming year’s big color. Pantone says, “Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health.”

Sounds great to me! Radiant Orchid Bedroom

For decades it has been a fashion industry tactic to market new shades to the public, we have seen avocado green, orange and brown prevalently preserved via our mothers photographs from the 70s. In the eighties it was neon and then later purple and green. My favorite shirt was a purple and green floral from Laura Ashley, and my mom papered my bedroom in those shades too. These yearly color trend releases may very well be a ploy to get consumers out and buying the newest hottest colors, but let’s face it. It’s fun and exciting, and you bet, I’ll be embracing Radiant Orchid!Radiant Orchid

Your Interior Design Psychology for 2014


Do you love your home and the rooms within? As you look around do you feel proud and satisfied with the spaces that surround you? Do you entertain friends and family in your home and do its objects and colors sing to your style and character? Do you rise, move about freely, and rest well in your surrounding spaces?

British Colonial Family Room by Space Case Design.Or, do you look around and feel a little indifferent to your home, maybe even stuck in the past because your spaces and items within do not fully reflect who you are? Have you made efforts to accessorize for a new look, but with each trip to the store, you accumulate more items that don’t pull off the style you are hoping for? Are the rooms packed so tight that they feel dysfunctional or is there so much space that the home is unwelcoming?  Have you even thought that your home could be affecting your mood negatively or causing you stress?

Have you ever thought that your home could even be affecting your mood negatively or causing you stress? – See more at: http://www.spacecasedesign.com/blog/#sthash.JBqlvAak.dpuf

If you related to any of the questions or ideas addressed in the paragraph above, now is the perfect time to make a change. As 2013 nears its end and 2014 rushes in, make this the year you resolve to do something for your well-being and happiness. It’s very achievable to create a beautiful surrounding which will make you feel great, even on a limited budget. In this New Year, check in with yourself about how you feel in your home and if that feeling is not “amazing” then resolve to change The Psychology of Your Interior Design for 2014.

Manhattan Beach Kitchen After Remodel by Space Case Design.

Manhattan Beach Kitchen After Remodel by Space Case Design.

Manhattan Beach Kitchen Before Photo

BEFORE The Remodel

Here’s my belief about a home. “Home” is a place where you feel content and peaceful and where you function with ease. It is your sanctuary where you can be who you are and it must provide a fertile ground from which you can live abundantly and sustain happiness. A home is a place to look forward to waking up in, preparing for your day in and then returning to. It is a place to live in and create memories in. Home is a place of your own, to be customized to your specific needs and style.

Modern Country Kitchen by Space Case Design

Modern Country Kitchen by Space Case Design

Cute eclectic living room

Cute Corner Nook With Vintage Accents, Striped Chartreuse Roman Shades and Beautiful Hemp Drapery. Designed by Space Case Design

Over the years, experts have conducted numerous studies on living environments, interior design, colors, objects and space ratios. These studies are the back bone of the science behind interior design and they have served to enlighten my industry. For example, there are colors to soothe and awaken, there are formulas that speak to the distance that a coffee table should be for easy reach and flow of foot traffic, there are many things to consider when mounting a TV, from the height of the sofa seat to its distance to the wall.

The importance of the science and psychology behind interior design and how our spaces affect us is quite often not given as much importance as required. A great interior designer has studied and can talk about the “Elements of Design”, how they create function and beauty and they’ll know how to apply these ideas to your space. They will have studied and be familiar with (1) Proxemics, the (2) Perception of Space and the  (3) System of Objects and The Object Value System and how these ideas pertain to creating a comfortable and uplifting environment for our psyche. Without getting too caught up in the theories, what we need to understand is that there are numerous pieces that need to align and fit properly in order to achieve aesthetic domestic bliss. And, the professional interior design industry is here to help.

I do not want to forget to mention, what is most important of all!  When the research is conducted as a part of the process of designing your home, it is you and those who live with you who are the essential subject matter. Because, experts say and it is quite true, that green paint can cast an unappetizing light on food in the kitchen. However, if the color green is one which you and your family associate with the most pleasant of times, then maybe green is to be considered for your kitchen.

Vintage Modern Bathroom and Vanity

Vintage Modern Bathroom and Vanity (Her Side) by Space Case Design

Steam Shower

Steam Shower and Custom Roman Shade Lets in the Light. By Space Case Design

The psychology of design is complex and has many facets. Its roots are  based on the psychological make-up and welfare of the people dwelling in a space and exceptional interior design must be personally created for you. After all, it’s your life and your space that you live in every day. You deserve a home that is good for you, body and soul.

1. Proxemics–the study of varying patterns of physical proximity in human or animal populations, esp. their role in social interaction and their effect on behavior.
2. From Encyclopedia Britannica Online–Space perception, process through which humans and other organisms become aware of the relative positions of their own bodies and objects around them. Space perception provides cues, such as depth and distance, that are important for movement and orientation to the environment. Human beings have been interested in the perception of objects in space at least since antiquity. It was popularly thought in ancient Greece that objects could be seen because they emitted what was imagined to be a continuous series of extremely thin “membranes” in their own image; these fell upon the eye and merged into the picture that was perceived.
3. Object Value System is an idea which comes from Jean Baudrillard. The idea is discussed here: http://web.mit.edu/allanmc/www/baudrillard.collecting.pdf



5 Interior Design Gifts Suited for All

I love the holiday season! It’s a time when we decorate our homes with the glow of festive lighting and accents of  warmth. A little sparkle here, the aroma of rich spices on the air… It’s also a time when we can think of our friends and family, offer glad tiding and gifts. This holiday, why not buy them something that will make their home more beautiful, well organized or functional?  Below I’ve put together a list of my top 5 interior design gifts–sure to please!


1. For any room–A Bamboo Charging Station:

This charging station will help create a “go-to” area in a home where the family can plug in multiple devises such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Eliminate the appearance of wires by tucking them neatly away, plus create more space on the desktop. Also comes in white and black.

Bamboo Charging Station

10” L x 9” H x 5.22” D. Ships in 1-2 Business Days. $34.99 at www.GreatUsefulStuff.com


2. For the Kitchen–A Nutri-Bullet

For those who have not heard of the Nutri-bullet, it is an essential gadget for the kitchen. It’s a larger and more powerful version of the Magic Bullet and can quickly blend up healthy and yummy concoctions but that is not all. I literally use this everyday and since I’ve learned to use it, I have seriously increased the amount of raw healthy food creations I can make quickly and easily and I no longer buy bottled dressings of any kind. You can make them from scratch with just a few ingredients and store them for about a week in the fridge. Fresh ingredients taste so much better! To create my favorite salad dressing, which I found when reading The Raw Food Detox Diet, by Natalie Rose, throw all these ingredients in the bullet and blend, then enjoy on salads, fish, chicken and more.

Liquid Gold Elixir Recipe:

1. Cut the peel away from one lemon and toss the peeled lemon in bullet

2. Peel a clove of garlic and toss garlic in bullet

3. Add a heaping tablespoon of raw honey

4. Add three good shakes of organic raw soy sauce

5. Cover ingredients with a quality cold pressed olive oil

6. Blend until liquefied.




Magic Bullet NBR1201 NutriBullet, Regularly prices range from 79.99- $150.00 and is often on sale at Macy's. Shipping times vary.

Magic Bullet NBR1201 NutriBullet, Regularly prices range from 79.99- $150.00 and is often on sale at Macy’s. Shipping times vary.


3. For creating a room to live in–A Fur Throw

What a great way to add warmth and beauty to a home. A luxurious fur throw can be used in so many ways:  Folded on a chair, thrown artfully on a sofa or sectional, as a coverlet at the end of a bed, and of course to cuddle up and enjoy while you sip a hot beverage.

From Restoration Hardware, 50 x 60 inches and sell for between $99-60.

From Restoration Hardware, 50 x 60 inches and sell for between $99-60.


4. For the bathroom–Healthy Bath Essentials for Stress Relief and Detoxing (Bath in a box)

Give pure and organic bathing essentials as a gift this season to help friends and family soothe muscles and feel better.

Give pure and organic bathing essentials as a gift this season to help friends and family soothe muscles and feel better.

Okay, I know that not everyone takes baths all the time–many prefer a shower. However, a bath is a relaxing treat to enjoy and offers a healthy way to unwind. For about $30.00 you can gift these wonderful bathing essentials that I live by, from Wholefoods Markets.  Artfully place the below items in a box with tissue and you may even want to provide your own custom instructions for enjoyment.

1. Good old fashion Epsom Salts –Soak in 2-4 per bath. The salt minerals help to pull toxins from the body,  sooth sore muscles, and elevate the mood in the winter months. .

2. A dual sided bath brush–A dry brush on one side and massage nubs on the other. Brush dry skin, from toes to neck, before bath time to help stimulate circulation and detoxification.

3. A loofah of choice

4. Pure organic soap. I love many of the brands sold at Wholefoods.

5. Aromatherapy bath packets or an awesome essential oil with lavender or chamomile for added relaxing effects.

For help creating your bathing instructions you may find this article at MindBodyGreen helpful http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-7131/10-ways-to-detox-on-a-daily-basis.html.


5. For any room and especially for homes with pets– The I Robot Roomba Pet Series

This robot vacuum has changed our life. We are a family with dogs and kitties and  we love a tidy home. This little robot is fantastic and has reduced our workload significantly! We use it daily and it goes to work on hardwood, tile even carpet and picks up hair and debris all over the house–then it docks itself at its charging station. You can buy them online from Ebay, Amazon, and I’ve heard they are at Costco periodically.

Irobot Roomba 595 Series, Price ranges from about $350-400.

Irobot Roomba 595 Series, Price ranges from about $350-400.



10 Best Thanksgiving Table Settings- What Style Will You Pick?


We are headed to Arizona to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. And you bet, we will be setting the table in style! What will your table setting style be this year? Rustic, Modern, Eclectic? In my family, setting the mood is a tradition. It’s just as important as the feast. The scene helps to create the story of Thanksgiving and bring about feelings of gratitude for those around us, our health and the food on the table.  We have collected the very best Thanksgiving table settings to share with you. What style will you pick?  Enjoy, we hope they are inspirational. Please add to the list by linking your ideas and photos in the comments below.

1. Picnic Style

Outside Living thanksgiving Table

We love dining outdoors and here in the South Bay we can do so most months of the year. What an amazing way to do Thanksgiving. Here this rustic and aged picnic table is dressed with the most elegant and lovely things. Antique stemware and the bright white table runners are so elegant. Whimsy is added by the hanging lights which act as a stunning chandelier for the long table. Image from FlowerWildEvents.com

Thanksgiving setting Outside

Details of the elegant picnic style tablescape are gorgeous.

2. Eclectic

Eclectic Thanksgiving Table

Here is a well done eclectic table setting displaying the fruits and flowers of the season placed on a modern lined, natural wood table. The eclectic style uses items such as antique plates and chargers which appear to have been collected overtime. An eclectic style setting is wonderful because we can use things that may have been handed down from one generation to the next. We love the way that this table design allows us to bring out our most cherished pieces and display them in an elegant manner. www.UnsophistiCook.com/thanksgiving-decor/

3. Country

Country Thanksgiving Table

Fresh pine sprigs and pine cones are beautiful atop of a bold gingham check runner. Charger plates made from cut tree stumps seal the deal. This is an elegant country spread. We love the antique looking glassware and deer themed napkins. From blovelyevents.com

4. Minimalist

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Here, the design is simple and stays true to the natural forms we see during harvest time. The pumpkins and candles provide most of the decoration. Plates and seating are white and the overall setting is neutral. From http://www.chatelaine.com/home-decor/

5. Mid-Century

Mid Century Thanksgiving table

Here is the Iroquois Informal Harvest Time table by Ben Seibel 1958. Scandinavian designers and architects were very influential at this time, with a style characterized by simplicity, functionality and natural shapes. The table setting with its pops of deep colors such as orange, yellow, olive green and chocolate brown carry the Mid-Century theme.

6. Coastal

This Thanksgiving tablescapes recalls the warm theme of coastal design.

This Thanksgiving tablescape recalls the warm theme of coastal design. The wispy willow twigs wrap around the pumpkins, evoking a light and breezy feel. And, the pumpkins themselves appear as though they have been softened by the sun. Clean and bright plates and stemware are beautifully set atop a natural linen cloth. Gorgeous. From Coastalhomeblogspot.com

7. British Colonial/West Indies

British Colonial Table Setting

Warm amber stemware, dark molasses colored wood, leather seats, nail heads, woven mats and white linen napkins create a beautiful British Colonial style table setting.

8. French

French Thanksgiving Table

Traditional French and French Country styles can be seen in the curved lines of the furniture and the Mediterranean hues in the centerpiece which appear sun-drenched. We love the the playful addition of the pheasant figurines. Image found on www.savvysouthernstyle.net/

9. Bohemian

Bohemian Thanksgiving Table

This room is sumptuous and features a heavily layered look consisting of small patterned fabrics, gilded metals, flower wallpaper and and bold jewel-tones. Moroccan and folk style fabrics are adorning the pillows which are placed all over the banquette. They are oh so Bohemian. The modern Parson style table and mid century dining chairs are the perfect contrast. They give the eyes a place to rest on their clean lines, making for a well balanced composition. Image from MomToob.com

10. Rustic

Rustic Thanksgiving table

Raw, rough hewn wood table and spindle style chairs play up the Rustic style of this beautiful table setting. All types of festive pumpkins and squashes with floral sprigs and lit candles sit happily in a long garden planter box.

What is your favorite table? How will you design your Thanksgiving tabletop? Please link your ideas to us by using the comment section below and if you like this post please “Like Us” on Facebook.

5 Ways to Create a Welcoming Front Entrance This Season


Whether you have guests coming soon or just want to spruce up your curb appeal, it is the perfect time to conduct a little visual critique of the approach to your home. Is it inviting or in need of a little TLC? Below are 5 Ways to Create a Welcoming Front Entrance This Season.

1. Front Door—Check the front door. If the stain is dull or paint is peeling, take measures to freshen it up or better yet, maybe you would like to create big change by choosing a lively contrast color which will greatly stand out against the trim and house paint. Is there a color that you can pull in from the garden or streetscape?  Plus, hang a festive wreath or a welcoming decoration on the door.

Tip* If you keep to beautiful green, gold and woodsy tones for your fall wreath, you can simply add colorful bits to it such as ice skates, berries and other festive items. Voila, it’s ready for December.

Door wreath makes a nive visual to welcome guests.

This eucalyptus wreath brings festive cheer and a sweet smell to a French paned front door. Image from MyHomeIdeas.com

How to Cozy Up Your Space Using Brass


If you have been eyeing new interiors on Houzz.com or Pinterest or scanning the pages of Elle Decor and Architectural Digest, there is no doubt you have seen proof that copper and brass are making their fierce comebacks. For many years we have been changing out our warm metal fixtures to the silver toned varieties of stainless and satin nickel and now the trend has gone full circle. Rich yellow metals are what is hot, hot, hot! In this post we share how to cozy up your space by using brass in your design.

Brass accents to update a space. 2013

Brass is back and accents like this can help to warm and update your space.

Read more

Space Case Design’s 10 Favorite Ways to Live Large in a Small Space


Small space living is on the rise in these times compared to previous decades. Many people are choosing a more intimate dwelling as an aim to reduce their carbon footprint and live within their means. Some are choosing to downsize to a small living space to make life easier and more manageable. No matter what the reason for choosing to do so, there are so many amazing ways to live large in a small space.  

A beautiful small apartment design

A beautiful small apartment design offers all the conventions of a home twice its size.

In small rooms we need to make sure that every piece of furniture serves as many purposes as possible. A designer needs to be creative about how to use walls and open space to incorporate additional living centers in which one can enjoy themselves and live fully.  Below, I share Space Case Design’s 10 Favorite Ways to Live Large in a Small Space. 
1. Define an Entry –There are many ways to create a defined entry in a small space. Having a place to land upon walking in will keep clutter from merging into other areas and overwhelming a room. You might define an entry with a small console near the front door or a few shelves on the wall with storage baskets below. If that is not possible then it could be as simple as a hook for your coat and bag and a wall mounted inbox for mail. The idea is to create a landing area so that everything in your arms doesn’t end up on the bed or the floor. 

Small Space Living

Small console defines an entry, provides storage and a landing strip for everyday items.

2. Choose multi-purpose Furniture pieces –For example, use a drop leaf table to double as a display and an eating area. In a very small space plan, a drop leaf table can provide a console like display and focal point wall as well as a functional place to eat for 2-6 guests. This configuration can work in an entry/dining room and kitchen/dining room configuration.Try to find furniture that does more than one thing: an ottoman that also provides storage or a bench to sit on, put your tv on, or store baskets underneath.

Drop leaf table design.

Cute and cheerful drop leaf table. Design by Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC.

3.  Create More Wall Space with a Room Divider, Screen or Curtains –Screens are a wonderful way to create needed wall space in a small room. When walking into a home that has an open space living plan, a screen can be placed near the door to create the illusion of a formal entry. Screens are also a useful item to use when floating furniture in the middle of a space to create a wall where there isn’t one. Finally, a set of curtains can add a feeling of walls to a room as well as add privacy.

Room curtains to divide a room

Curtains create a wall where there is none and serve as a beautiful divider the small space.

Room Screen Design

Floating furniture backed by a room screen creates a wall in an open space.

4. Use Sofas, Beds and Other Furniture to Create Floating Furniture Arrangements–In a small bedroom we must get creative with the space. What we are aiming for are multiple living centers within a room whenever possible. We need the bedroom to function as more than just a place to sleep.  In this bedroom, the designer pushed the bed up against the window and added a desk to the end. In the following image, the room is narrow and the end of the bed serves as the perfect place for a chest of drawers. The designs are well balanced and the furniture fits the scale so it all works. Adding seating to the end of a bed or a bench to the wall if there is room, is also a wonderful idea to make a bedroom more functional and add visual points of interest which make a space feel larger.

Desk at the end of the bed.

A desk at the end of the bed turns a place to sleep into a multifunctional space to enjoy.

Dresser at the end of the bed

Dresser at the end of the bed in a narrow room is brilliant design.

Use the back of the sofa to place a table or a small desk. It will divide the room and add more function to a small space.

Use the back of the sofa to place a table or a small desk. It will divide the room and add more function to a small space.

5. Add shelves, hooks and additional storage to small rooms-– The bathroom is often a small space when compared to other parts of the home and the vanity and sink area are a very important area in which to make sure there is full space utilization. Here, in this small bathroom the designer has added towel storage under the vanity, an extra shelf above the sink to place items used at each visit, a tiered storage caddy at the side of the sink and hooks for hanging multiple towels.

Small Bathroom Design

Small bathroom design provides extra shelving, useful hooks and a storage caddy to add function to this small space.

6. Maximize the Height in Small Spaces –A great way to make a tiny seating area feel large is to maximize the height of the room. Hanging curtains from floor to ceiling or create an expansive salon style art hanging to make the room interesting and feel full scale.

Coffee and dining table with leaves.

Flush mount accent lighting and curtains hung from floor to ceiling help to make this tiny space feel large.

7. Figure out the Scale of a Room and Select Furniture to Fit–Choose a sofa that fits the room. Often the arms take up the most space so a narrow track arm sofa or armless seating can be great options. Choose occasional furniture to fit the scale. A coffee table can double as a storage place for books, games, and magazines, while the table top itself remains a place for enjoying those items and a refreshment. Also,make sure there is enough space to have an end table with a pretty lamp. Warm and atmospheric lighting is essential for enjoying a small space.

Small Living Room Design

Nice clean sofa with salon style art wall, coffee table and book storage. Great small space living room.

8. Define More Living Centers in Your Small Space by ADDING Furniture and Art to Your Small Space— Yes, that’s right! I am suggesting for you to ADD more to the space. This is a point which comes up often in client consultations. I realize, that it seems logical, that adding more furniture to a space that is tiny will make it seem even smaller. But, more often than not, there is too little furniture in the room and not enough on the walls. Just like in an art composition, it’s important to create a foreground, mid-ground and background in your design. The eye must be able to journey back into a canvas, stopping on one spot and moving again further to another. This creates the illusion of space. Adding the right pieces can make all the difference in the beauty and use of a small area.

Small Space Living

In one open space a designer has defined a bedroom, formal sitting room with storage and a TV area.

9. Choose Furniture on Wheels When Possible— Furniture on wheels = mobility and multifunction. A small mobile chopping board in the kitchen can double as a great tea cart to serve wine, cheese and crackers when guests arrive.

Rolling Cart Design

Rolling cart serving as an office caddy tucked nicely into a corner.

Rolling Coffee Table

Coffee table on wheels and with storage makes for a perfect occasional piece for a small living room.

A mobile island or cutting board with shelves is a functional addition to a tiny kitchen.

A mobile island or cutting board with shelves is a functional addition to a tiny kitchen.

10. Commit to Seasonal Clean Out Parties — Reviewing your possessions 4 times a year to keep them to only the things you use and/or love will help to free space up for better living. Take a look at what is in your closet, cupboards, in the magazine rack. Invite friends or loved ones to come over, partake in refreshments and clean with you. Sell your extra stuff on craigslist, give it to a friend or loved one who might enjoy it or just donate it at the local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Get that stuff out of your house so that you have more space for living! And don’t forget to detox the bathroom and kitchen. Typically items of food or beauty product should be thrown out yearly.
I hope that you’ve enjoyed Space Case Design’s tips for living large in a small space. Small spaces are among the most intimate and lovely. For tips and help that relate directly to your personal space, please contact us for a consultation.

Top 5 Consoles We Love


A great console is one of the most essential pieces of furniture for the home. It is a piece that typically can be fun and play up the design or style theme of the home owners. Used often in small areas where floor space is tight, consoles make for great horizontal surfaces which are perfect for holding books, a lamp, or a collection of objets d’art, the car keys and even our cell phones. I have used consoles in just about every room, bathrooms, a walk in closet, entry and hall, and in a small dining room where a traditional sideboard was too large. I’ve positioned a console under a flat screen in a family room where storage wasn’t needed but beauty was, and added two small consoles to the sides of a bed in a master bedroom.  Consoles are amongst the most friendly pieces of furniture in the home and below are the top five consoles we love.

1. Arterior’s Worchester Gold Leaf Table. Also comes in silver.

This is a beautiful, diverse console which is not only perfect for traditional use but at only 13″ deep and 33.5″ high, it is perfect for placement behind a sofa for a gorgeous focal point. I love the clean lines and hammered metal finish and glass. It is both modern and classic all at the same time. Unique to many other consoles is its center shelf which bends to create a higher and lower table top. This feature creates a lovely place to add tall and short items to your hearts content.

H: 33.5″ W: 40″ D: 13″

The hammered iron frame of this console features offset glass shelves.

MSRP: $2100.00

Arteriors Worchester Gold Leaf Console

Arteriors Worchester Gold Leaf Console

2. Grey Egyptian Console by Noir

This console has got it going on. I love when a piece appears as if it’s antique but is a newer and more functional version created for today’s consumer. This carved console boasts doors and drawers for storing lots of things. I can see it residing in almost any style of home and being used as an entry piece, a bar, a storage piece for a petite dining room. It would be great along a hallway in a master bedroom, or even as a focal point to a large walk in closet.

H:43″ W:48″ D:16″

Wood species is mahogany with grey painted finish.

MSRP: $1800

Grey Egyptian Style Bar Height Console by Noir

Grey Egyptian Style Bar Height Console by Noir

3. Teak Singer Console by Lazy Susan

I celebrated when I saw this cute little console by Lazy Susan. I love its clean, simple lines contrasted by the addition of  woven drawers. The Singer console is available in two colors, natural teak and a rich warm mahogany–the drawers are only available in natural. This console works great as a simple yet functional accent for any smaller home and would be a great little desk in a kitchen, or bedroom, provided that the desk chair had an adjustable height option.

H:32″ W:48″ D:18″

Comes in a light teak wood or a darker mahogany wood species. Woven drawer baskets come only in natural.

MSRP: $1100

Teak Singer Console by Lazy Susan

Teak Singer Console by Lazy Susan

4. The Didi Console by Noir

This piece is so fun–its continuous metal frame gives off a groovy lyrical feeling while the dark metal is so edgy.  It’s such a nice treat to see the rounded shape when so many pieces in a room tend to have sharp angles. I can imagine it in a study or office loaded up with beautiful and inviting books but if I owned this piece it would go right in the entry, with a large canvas of modern art on top, in front of my favorite patterned wallpaper !

Didi, a Lyrical Metal Console by Noir

Didi, a Lyrical Metal Console by Noir

5. Hogan Console by Arteriors

Simple, clean, and deep in tone–at 28″ wide this console is perfect for so many spots in the home or even at the office, a cute focal point for the end of a hall or even a bedside table. It’s hammered finish gives it a handmade quality but its clean lines are beautiful and contemporary. I would love to place two, side by side in a family room or at the back of a sofa and put a sitting ottoman beneath each one.

H: 29″ W: 28″ D: 12″

A simple console table with hammered iron tapered legs and top–perfect for bunching together.

MSRP: $1080.00

Hogan, a Hammered Iron Console Table by Arteriors

Hogan, a Hammered Iron Console Table by Arteriors

Space Case Design has access to the above consoles and many more pieces.  Please provide any comments or questions and we’ll be happy to help.

Five Interior Design Secrets Shared!


“Want to know the secrets to decorating like an interior designer? I have a group of favorite rules that I use on every project know matter what the style. Whether you’re wondering how to pick your colors, to use your old accents or not, where to find amazing collectible items, here’s the insider scoop.”

1. Paint Comes Near Last– It is natural for one to want to run to the paint store right off the bat as soon as a project begins, but wait! You should always start with your largest items in the room first. Find those items, design your sofas and chairs and then match your paint. The right tones and perfect hues will be easiest for you to spot.

Color and Material Board for Manhattan Beach Home. Fabrics were selected first and paint was chosen to enhance the main materials in the room.

Color and Material Board for Manhattan Beach Home. Fabrics were selected first and paint was chosen to enhance the main materials in the room.

2. Less is Always More– Yes this is pretty much true for most things in life and it also applies to decorating. So don’t fill your bookshelves and other horizontal surfaces with knickknacks and pictures. Try analyzing your collectibles for just the favorites. Which items can be used together to create a theme? Display the objects together with ample space between so that the eye has a resting place before exploring the next item on the shelf. This goes for pillows, throws, books, magazines etc. Try grouping these items together and keep them neat so that they are seen, but do not block the eye from moving onto the next pretty item.


Gold canisters on a black Paperstone counter with a white cabinet background makes for a high impact accent.

Three gold canisters on a black Paperstone counter with a white cabinet background makes for a beautiful accent which shows off the eclectic taste of the home owner.

3. Use Your Wall Space to Display High Impact Art & Accessories — Don’t be afraid to use your wall space to hang beautiful art, sculpture or found items in groups on walls. Contrary to belief, hanging art and pictures on walls will make the room feel larger by drawing the eye into the art. Without art, the walls will appear to move toward you, making the room feel smaller. In most homes, I also suggest curating the wall accents to the height of, or centered in doorway and window areas so that the eye is drawn upward to maximize the height of ceilings.

Pop culture art grouping creates a high impact display against a simple backdrop of concrete and neutral paint. Building was designed and built by Space Case Design.

Pop culture art grouping creates a high impact display against a simple backdrop of concrete and neutral paint. Building was designed and built by Space Case Design.

4. Contrasting Choices Are Best for a Happy and Homey Space —And, I’m not just speaking of color. In the most visually stimulating rooms, you will notice that there is most always a use of contrasting elements. For example, in the living room, if you have chosen a soft canvas, cotton or linen sofa, it would be best shown off by a beautiful textured rug beneath. If you have decided on a rough and earthy stone to work with on the fireplace or kitchen backsplash, try setting that stone against a softer and more refined backdrop or surround. And, feel free to play with materials in the kitchen and in bathrooms. Counters are not always best when matching. Often contrast counters will add space to the room and direct the eye to objects in the distance–creating the illusion of extra space. Rather than use the same cabinet color as you have in the rest of your kitchen, choose a complementary color for the cabinets on the island.

Soft blue on island defines the sitting area of this Manhattan Beach kitchen so that the eye can see the functional kitchen area in background creating an illusion of depth of space.

Soft blue on island defines the sitting area of this Manhattan Beach kitchen so that the eye can see the functional kitchen area in background creating an illusion of depth of space.

5. Use Pattens and Flowers Sparingly– I am in no way saying not to use pattern and flowers–they are often used in the very best designs! However, in order to create the correct impact with these visual tools, they should be used sparingly and in combination with other textures and soft solids.

Floral pillow on sofa is set in a scene with tone-on-tone patterned satin pillows. The linen sofa is the perfect soft tone and texture for these pillows to sit in.

Floral pillow on sofa is set in a scene with tone-on-tone patterned satin pillows. The linen sofa is the perfect soft tone and texture for these pillows to sit in.

What do you think of my five interior design secrets shared? Do you have examples in your own home where you have successfully followed these ideas? Please share–I would love to hear from you.

Updating a Room with Poufs, Pillows and Throws


Yesterday, I returned from Las Vegas Market where furniture, accessory and textile dealers kick off a huge event in honor of showing off their newest releases to the trade! There are three huge buildings filled with gorgeous vignettes in every style imaginable. There was so much to see that we could only cover about 20% of the show, so we had to pick our favorites and go for it. I’ll be covering my findings regarding new trends over the next couple of weeks and today I wanted to talk about updating a room with poufs, pillows and throws.

#RizzyHome Sitting Poufs

Beautiful sitting poufs in a rainbow of colors.

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