3 Ways to Join The Cider Revolution This Fall!

We all are aware of the massive presence and popularity of the craft beer movement. In my town of Torrance, CA I can bike from one amazing craft brewery to the next and taste some truly lovely beers.

Cider Revolution

Delicious Crisp Fall Cider Varieties

But have you heard of the Cider Revolution sweeping the world? What better time to explore this new trend than right now as we are ready to give Thanks! A sophisticated cider would be lovely with Thanksgiving dinner and they are delicious and gluten free after all!

Here are 3 Ways to Join The Cider Revolution This Fall!

1. Take a day trip to one of the many festivals going on from Central to Southern Cali- Click here to visit the interactive map of cider festivals.

2. Take your pick of the bunch by shopping of some amazing ciders online. I recently purchased a cider from K & L Wine Merchants and I was pleasantly surprised by the Sidra Acetal “El Carrasco” Sidra de Asturias Cider from Spain, it was complex yet crisp and bright and a little sour. Very different from the typical ciders in the grocery stores. When you go to the site just search for “ciders” and take your pick. There is a whole new world to explore there.

3. Meander to a local South Bay Cider Bar for a Tasting – Try the following:

Honest Abe Cider

101 Cider

Great Society of Cider


And, if you want some apple fun sans alcohol this fall check out my blog post here from last Fall. If you do opt for the cider please drink responsibly. 😉