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I'm Kamaren and just like Sherlock Holmes I solve cases. Instead of crime, it's interior design. Creating beautiful well edited living spaces is what I do best and I LOVE seeing concepts turn to reality. I blog to share my work, fabulous finds, and the things I am passionate about that make me happy and fulfilled. Please explore, enjoy and connect with me.

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3 Ways to Join The Cider Revolution This Fall!

We all are aware of the massive presence and popularity of the craft beer movement. In my town of Torrance, CA I can bike from one amazing craft brewery to the next and taste some truly lovely beers. But have you heard of the Cider Revolution sweeping the world? What better time to explore this […]

Plant Flower Power For a Bird Friendly Yard This Spring

A while back I was reminded that our grasses and residential gardens provide needed nutrients and food for urban wildlife such as birds, bees, lizards, etc.  At our house in Historic Old Torrance, we have over 200 linear feet of grasses that wrap our corner and quite a large garden with flowering plants, cacti and […]

My 10 Favorite Ceiling Lights for Under $500

Ceiling lighting is a MUST for creating sumptuous atmosphere in a home. Typically a beautiful pendant or chandelier dangling from the ceiling focally marks a specific living center in the home –a place to enjoy. If you don’t have fun or cool pendants /chandeliers over your dining table, kitchen peninsula or island, breakfast nook table, […]

My Top 10 Design Picks from IKEA to Update Your Home Now!

My Top 10 Best Design Picks from IKEA to Update Your Home Now! We’ve all been to the Swedish home store, IKEA, right? For me it compares to the fun had at an amusement park–an undulating spiral walk among fun color-filled designs and magical lights a glow! I always end up at the check out […]


Tendergreens Green Hummus Recipe

Oh my, how I love Tendergreens Restaurant. And, their green hummus Recipe. I’m thankful for their quick and healthy farm to table food options.  I used to frequent their 1st Culver City location. Actually, we renovated the building a decade ago to create the vanilla shell before the design phase and restaurant move in. Back […]