How to Cozy Up Your Space Using Brass


If you have been eyeing new interiors on or Pinterest or scanning the pages of Elle Decor and Architectural Digest, there is no doubt you have seen proof that copper and brass are making their fierce comebacks. For many years we have been changing out our warm metal fixtures to the silver toned varieties of stainless and satin nickel and now the trend has gone full circle. Rich yellow metals are what is hot, hot, hot! In this post we share how to cozy up your space by using brass in your design.

Brass accents to update a space. 2013

Brass is back and accents like this can help to warm and update your space.

It is the decadent creations from the 70s and 80s that are inspiring the top designers to use brass, copper and gold in new space designs. Elle Décor writes that brass has “rich gleam and sculptural weight” where it is “experiencing a resurgence.” We can use these warm tones as an accent in a space or like Kelly Wearstler, decorate nearly an entire room with it.

Kelly Wearstler sitting room designed for the Snider's of Brentwood, CA

Kelly Wearstler sitting room designed for the Snider’s of Brentwood, CA

Okay, so brass is back and its exciting and tres chic. Although, this news doesn’t mean that cooler tone metals are out. Our use of stainless, chrome and satin nickels in designs over the past decade is still very relevant. The silver metal varieties are slightly more casual and perfectly suited for the modern and traditional homes located in our South Bay area. While the warm metal tones tend to be more opulent in nature, as designers we are getting very good at combining elegant and casual to make for the perfect home environment. One that is cozy and most of all where happy living happens.

Want to add some warm metals into your home now with little effort–here are three cost effective ways to do so:

1. In a bedroom, whether its colorful or neutral, a brass lamp and an accent can be added above the bed or on a nearby wall to transform the space.

Neutral and Brass Accent

In this neutral room the brass lamp and the painting with gold fillet add a rich warmth to the otherwise cool setting. Image from

2. Set up an accent chair beside an entry or hall chest, change out the mirror or art for a brass wall accent. This looks beautiful even when a home’s hardware is predominately satin nickel.

Brass accents with satin nickle hardware

Brass accents are a beautiful addition to a home where satin nickel or other metal hardware is used.

3. In a sitting or living room change out your cocktail table for brass and anchor the statement color by adding a mirror or warm toned art piece to the adjacent wall.

Brass is making a come back.

The brass cocktail and mirror add a rich feeling to this sitting room. Picture from

For more ideas give us a call. We’d be happy to help.