How to Make a Magnolia Table Garland the Easy Way


Magnolia is one of my favorite leaves to decorate with during the holidays! I love the way the leaves are a deep waxy green on the front contrasted by its rough cognac tone posterior. When many leaves are placed together you get the perfect mix of texture to dazzle the eyes. Once colors and lights are added to the mix, such as fruits and candles, the outcome is sensational. Below is how to make a Magnolia Table Garland the easy way.

Magnolia Table Garland

Magnolia garland has a warm feel, perfect for the Thanksgiving table.

You’ll need:

-Magnolia Leaves
-Some berries–I am going to use my Cotton Easter Plant’s Berries from my front yard
-Fruit: Persimmons, Figs, Kumquats–you can use Citrus too

How to:

1 Place the magnolia stems down the center of your dining table. If you are using a table cloth be sure that is all in place first. Be sure to leave space at the end for the place settings at the table.

2 After placing the first magnolia stem, you will place the second stem with the leaves covering the stem of the first piece. Continue this process to the middle of the table and repeat the same process starting from the other end of the table.

3 Add the fruit and berries within the garland at various locations–there’s no wrong way. Now, place the candles in the middle of the garland and tea lights out in various areas towards the table ends.

Viola! You have a gorgeously festive and exciting centerpiece for your holiday dining table.

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