5 Ways to Create a Welcoming Front Entrance This Season


Whether you have guests coming soon or just want to spruce up your curb appeal, it is the perfect time to conduct a little visual critique of the approach to your home. Is it inviting or in need of a little TLC? Below are 5 Ways to Create a Welcoming Front Entrance This Season.

1. Front Door—Check the front door. If the stain is dull or paint is peeling, take measures to freshen it up or better yet, maybe you would like to create big change by choosing a lively contrast color which will greatly stand out against the trim and house paint. Is there a color that you can pull in from the garden or streetscape?  Plus, hang a festive wreath or a welcoming decoration on the door.

Tip* If you keep to beautiful green, gold and woodsy tones for your fall wreath, you can simply add colorful bits to it such as ice skates, berries and other festive items. Voila, it’s ready for December.

Door wreath makes a nive visual to welcome guests.

This eucalyptus wreath brings festive cheer and a sweet smell to a French paned front door. Image from MyHomeIdeas.com

2. Porch Seating—Is there a space to add a chair or bench on the porch so that your guests have a little space to enjoy? If you already have seating on the porch make sure it’s clean and comfy and in good condition. Spruce it up by investing in a new accent pillow and place an outdoor rug beneath to give it more presence.

Beautiful Fall porch

Beautiful cheerful porch where the colorful squash appear to have played a role in the color story inspiration. Image from Pinterest.com.

3. Welcome mat— Providing a mat for guests to wipe their feet on as they enter is a welcoming gesture. If your current mat is looking shabby it’s a great time to get a new one.

Tip* Try color coordinating your mat with the front door wreath, accent pillows, rug or seating. This will create a beautiful color composition upon entry which will heighten the visual experience upon approach.

Welcome Mat

A simple welcome mat invites guests to share their story. You can find mats like this on Etsy.com. We found this picture on Pinterest.com.

4. Garden Magic—How does your landscape look? Do you have a gardener providing regular maintenance or do you need to spend a little time pruning, trimming and raking so that the garden looks cheerful and welcoming? To get the areas ready you’ll need to sweep and wash down the walkways. This will make them appear brighter. Clean out old dried leaves, pine needles, droppings and petals from the plant and flower beds. Aerate and rack the soil for a clean looking display which will help show off the foliage . Last, but not least, add a little contrast by planting some new flower and vegetable varieties. For example, we like to take a trip to our favorite nursery this time of year and pick up flats of white pansies, cyclamens and winter cabbages. Try to select just one color, and add them in groupings of three. This will help to create the most visual impact. For a list of great winter varieties you can visit the National Gardening Association.

Clean and welcoming Fall home.

This home is very inviting. It appears clean and welcoming with a gorgeous front entry garden.

Beautiful California style garden with a pebble path, planters and a variety of grasses.

Clean and beautiful California style garden with a pebble path, planters and a variety of grasses.

5. Twinkle, Twinkle—This is the perfect time to put up some lights. Who says you have to wait until December? A little sparkle and glow in the evening time is so enjoyable for you, guests and neighbors. The warm glow of light is one of the most welcoming things that can be done to enhance a space during the holidays or any time for that matter. The exterior lighting does not need to look like the Grizwald family’s house in “Christmas Vacation” but the simple addition of lights around the windows, front door, roof line or just a single focal tree or cactus will add just the right amount of whimsical  magic.

Twinkle lights in a tree and luminaries create a welcoming path.

Luminaries and a single tree lit with twinkle lights is a warm and inviting way to welcome guests in, plus this idea will give you a head start on your December holiday lights. Photo found on Pinterest.com