Top 5 Consoles We Love


A great console is one of the most essential pieces of furniture for the home. It is a piece that typically can be fun and play up the design or style theme of the home owners. Used often in small areas where floor space is tight, consoles make for great horizontal surfaces which are perfect for holding books, a lamp, or a collection of objets d’art, the car keys and even our cell phones. I have used consoles in just about every room, bathrooms, a walk in closet, entry and hall, and in a small dining room where a traditional sideboard was too large. I’ve positioned a console under a flat screen in a family room where storage wasn’t needed but beauty was, and added two small consoles to the sides of a bed in a master bedroom.  Consoles are amongst the most friendly pieces of furniture in the home and below are the top five consoles we love.

1. Arterior’s Worchester Gold Leaf Table. Also comes in silver.

This is a beautiful, diverse console which is not only perfect for traditional use but at only 13″ deep and 33.5″ high, it is perfect for placement behind a sofa for a gorgeous focal point. I love the clean lines and hammered metal finish and glass. It is both modern and classic all at the same time. Unique to many other consoles is its center shelf which bends to create a higher and lower table top. This feature creates a lovely place to add tall and short items to your hearts content.

H: 33.5″ W: 40″ D: 13″

The hammered iron frame of this console features offset glass shelves.

MSRP: $2100.00

Arteriors Worchester Gold Leaf Console

Arteriors Worchester Gold Leaf Console

2. Grey Egyptian Console by Noir

This console has got it going on. I love when a piece appears as if it’s antique but is a newer and more functional version created for today’s consumer. This carved console boasts doors and drawers for storing lots of things. I can see it residing in almost any style of home and being used as an entry piece, a bar, a storage piece for a petite dining room. It would be great along a hallway in a master bedroom, or even as a focal point to a large walk in closet.

H:43″ W:48″ D:16″

Wood species is mahogany with grey painted finish.

MSRP: $1800

Grey Egyptian Style Bar Height Console by Noir

Grey Egyptian Style Bar Height Console by Noir

3. Teak Singer Console by Lazy Susan

I celebrated when I saw this cute little console by Lazy Susan. I love its clean, simple lines contrasted by the addition of  woven drawers. The Singer console is available in two colors, natural teak and a rich warm mahogany–the drawers are only available in natural. This console works great as a simple yet functional accent for any smaller home and would be a great little desk in a kitchen, or bedroom, provided that the desk chair had an adjustable height option.

H:32″ W:48″ D:18″

Comes in a light teak wood or a darker mahogany wood species. Woven drawer baskets come only in natural.

MSRP: $1100

Teak Singer Console by Lazy Susan

Teak Singer Console by Lazy Susan

4. The Didi Console by Noir

This piece is so fun–its continuous metal frame gives off a groovy lyrical feeling while the dark metal is so edgy.  It’s such a nice treat to see the rounded shape when so many pieces in a room tend to have sharp angles. I can imagine it in a study or office loaded up with beautiful and inviting books but if I owned this piece it would go right in the entry, with a large canvas of modern art on top, in front of my favorite patterned wallpaper !

Didi, a Lyrical Metal Console by Noir

Didi, a Lyrical Metal Console by Noir

5. Hogan Console by Arteriors

Simple, clean, and deep in tone–at 28″ wide this console is perfect for so many spots in the home or even at the office, a cute focal point for the end of a hall or even a bedside table. It’s hammered finish gives it a handmade quality but its clean lines are beautiful and contemporary. I would love to place two, side by side in a family room or at the back of a sofa and put a sitting ottoman beneath each one.

H: 29″ W: 28″ D: 12″

A simple console table with hammered iron tapered legs and top–perfect for bunching together.

MSRP: $1080.00

Hogan, a Hammered Iron Console Table by Arteriors

Hogan, a Hammered Iron Console Table by Arteriors

Space Case Design has access to the above consoles and many more pieces.  Please provide any comments or questions and we’ll be happy to help.