Updating a Room with Poufs, Pillows and Throws


Yesterday, I returned from Las Vegas Market where furniture, accessory and textile dealers kick off a huge event in honor of showing off their newest releases to the trade! There are three huge buildings filled with gorgeous vignettes in every style imaginable. There was so much to see that we could only cover about 20% of the show, so we had to pick our favorites and go for it. I’ll be covering my findings regarding new trends over the next couple of weeks and today I wanted to talk about updating a room with poufs, pillows and throws.

#RizzyHome Sitting Poufs

Beautiful sitting poufs in a rainbow of colors.

If your space is in good working order but is just feeling a little uninteresting to you, sometimes updating the room can be done quite simply by adding color or a texture pop to your room design and composition. What I mean by that is sometimes our spaces are just lacking the variety of color and texture needed to make our eyes bounce and feel energized. And, by just adding pillows, poufs or ottomans, throws and rugs we can create a stimulating effect. Fellow design blog, Cococozy, has a great example of this via one of their weekend photo posts. As you can see, this monochromatic room would completely lack stimulation without the introduction of the sharp and textural blue ottoman pouf.

Blue Pouf from #cococozy

Blue knit pouf provides the interest to this otherwise monochromatic space.

Another example of this can be found in this fantastic room photo I found on Houzz by New York decorator Tara Seawright. Mostly all the interest in the room is created via the use of textiles. It is her choice of fabrics and textures which give this room its punch of style.

So, go for it!

Have fun, play with different colors, patterns, and textures. Buy pillows and change them out seasonally to update your rooms and keep spaces feeling fresh. Add a colorful pouf or ottoman to your living or TV room for function and a statement piece. Drape a beautiful throw at the end of your bed to add color along with a nice pair of feather blend pillows in the same color.

Throws, pillows and ottoman I saw at Rizzy Home showroom at #VegasMarket this week.

Throws, pillows and ottoman I saw at Rizzy Home showroom at #VegasMarket this week.

The plethora of new pillow designs released by #Jaipur  at #LasVegasMarket

The plethora of new pillow designs released by #Jaipur at #LasVegasMarket