We LOVE Industrial Interiors, Do You? + 5 Ways to Update Your Space in the Industrial Style

We LOVE Industrial Interiors, Do You? + 5 Ways to Update Your Space in the Industrial Style

Industrial Interiors are one of the hottest design trends of 2016. This style pulls from a multitude of industrial periods around the world, from the late 1700s to 1940s.

Industrial interior found via smoothdecorator.com

An industrial revival design might sport some edgy industrial metals such as wrought iron and copper –metals that appear to have been used in industry and often times they have been riveted. We might see exposed ducts and pipes and lighting fixtures that could be found in an old warehouse. Then a designer could mix in classic and elegant patterns with some warm wood tones, some roughed-up leathers and cozy fabrics to soften the style and make it all feel rich and inviting. Surfaces could be butcher block, poured concrete or soapstone like those found in cafeterias, labs and factories.

Metals, wood, concrete and woven textiles make this industrial interior come alive.

And, of course there is the resurgence of vintage industrial metal furniture! Flea markets and antique dealers are stocking up on metal office furnishings and selling these pieces for thousands of dollars. You can also see these styles at new furniture retailers from Restoration Hardware to Pottery Barn.

Industrial sideboard from Restoration Hardware.

During our recent design project at the Red Car Brewery in Torrance, CA, we had the pleasure of working in this style. The goal was to create an update to the restaurant that reinforced its historical Red Car theme. In the early 1900s through the 1930s, the Red Car Trolley lines were a main mode of pedestrian transportation in California from inland areas to the coast.


Faux metal paneling, antique water glass divides, exposed beam ceiling and rustic concrete help to reinforce this industrial style design.

Faux metal paneling, antique water glass divides, exposed beam ceiling and rustic concrete help to reinforce this industrial style design.

We designed custom antique glazed wood mouldings and architectural appliqués to frame out the middle wall of the restaurant. Faux metal paneling was added to the lower portion of the wall and we installed more dark metal accents to strengthen in the industrial feel. We also designed and installed beautiful diamond paned water glass divides to hang in the open bays down the restaurants center wall. This created an elegant and separate dining area set away a bit from the bar. The entry was adorned with a gorgeous red and gold damask wallpaper from floor to ceiling.

We LOVE Industrial Revival Interiors! Do You? If so, here are 5 easy ways to give your space a quick industrial makeover!

1.  Neutralize your existing palette. Think black, gray, white tan, and maybe a red or yellow color pop. An easy way to master this look is by limiting your decor to a fairly strict palette of black, gray and white, with some natural wood or wood color thrown in. Shop Homegoods, Target, and other price conscience stores for bedding, pillows, towels and more, in shades of gray, black and white.

Neutral palette of black, grey, white and warm wood or tan tone is the basis of an industrial look.

2. Paint your room grey or white.  Warm tones of grey from medium to deep or white paint can give a nod to the color that old places of industry would have painted their walls.

Warm grey paint color reinforces industrial room feel.

3. Go thrifting for Metal–Decide on one metal type at first for the biggest impact. Choose from aged nickels or stainless, dark iron or warm copper. You might peruse your local flea markets, thrift stores and antique stores. Add a metal floor or table lamp, add an item with industrial casters to your room, bring in metal chairs, metal tray accents, add a metal etagere or a cart to the room to provide organization.

Deep metal accents help to create the industrial feel in this room.

4.  Get Loomy not Gloomy! To warm up an industrial room of neutrals, look for thick textured blankets, throws, pillows, poufs and rugs which have that hand loomed look and feel. Try eBay or Etsy–look for old wool blankets from Pendleton or the army surplus store. Use these blankets to make pillows too.  A rug with a warm vintage look will transform the room. Could be a faux animal hide, a flat woven rug or a natural looking lightly patterned rug. Keep it neutral and bring in the look of something hand made.

Layered flat weave rugs add hand made warm feel to industrial room.

5. Get Historical with Art or Wallpaper! Does your family have an interesting past? If not, look to your City or States past for historical inspiration in old photos, and memorabilia.  Or add an amazing wallpaper backdrop to a focal wall–choose from faux bricks to old stacked library books! The more close to home your new historic accents are, the more nostalgia you will create for you rand guests and this will help to transform your space and bring your new Industrial Interior to life.


Historical photo framed art aids in creating industrial style in this sitting nook.


Andrew Martin Wallpaper - Engineer Collection - Isambard

Andrew Martin Wallaper, Engineer Collection