Why Do We LOVE Eclectic Rooms?


Years back I visited the Le Parker Meridian, a hotel in Palm Springs designed by Jonathan Adler, one of my personal design gurus. He talked about having an underlying idea in his design theme of “Happy Chic” and he thought of the hotel as a grand manner, perhaps owned by his great aunt, where her daughter and husband also had rooms. In this fictional estate the furniture and decor were collected through travels and over time and perfectly set together in a scene to create interesting and welcoming rooms.

Design Elements at the Parker Palm Springs Designed by Jonathan Adler.

Parker Palm Springs Lobby

Jonathan Adler’s Lobby Design, The Parker Palm Springs

Adler’s idea at the time hit me like a brick—I LOVED his philosophy and in a way it helped me to bring together and apply my design family upbringing and my formal education in art history to my own creative style. At that moment, while looking at his beautifully designed hotel, I realized that I grew up loving eclectic rooms and all period styles of art and furniture. And these days, I still find that I love being surrounded by objects that tell a story and bring meaning to our environments.

The most gorgeous rooms ever created are inviting, “lived in” spaces which appear as a beautiful estate would appear where each item might have been collected through the years and is tied into the new acquisitions flawlessly, creating a gorgeous visual tapestry for the eyes to dash upon, then rest and ponder. Many items used in the beautification of a space can be found ready-made or re-purposed for a particular use. Not everything needs to be purchased new and in fact, many pieces from the past can be more cost effective and have a much better quality than items made now.

Eclectic Beachy Kitchen by Kamaren Henson of Space Case Interior Design

Eclectic Beachy Kitchen by Kamaren Henson of Space Case Interior Design


So why so we love eclectic rooms? Because they stimulate our senses, bring about nostalgic feelings and give our eyes something to rest on that is friendly and meaningful. In an eclectic room you will see many items, whether it be vintage wallpaper, furniture or decorative items being reinvented to fit cohesively into a new and fresh looking space. More cost effective, more earth-friendly, more interesting and more inviting. These are some great reasons to go for Eclectic design! What do you think?